International Payments at your fingertips

Free European IBAN Account developed for your needs. Send, spend and receive money with lower fees and better exchange rates.
  • Create Account in minutes

    Create Account in minutes

    No monthly fee. Dedicated IBAN. Payment Cards.

  • Make Smart Payments

    Make Smart Payments

    Free internal transfers. SEPA and Wire payments for a flat fee.

  • Withdraw Money Conveniently

    Withdraw Money Conveniently

    Load bank account in multiple currencies or withdraw in ATM

  • Personal IBAN for EU transfers

    Make international transfers across Europe for the cost of a local ones

    • Send and receive SEPA payments across 34 countries for a fixed fee within one business day.
    • Set up a Direct SEPA Debit to automatically pay for rent, utility bills or monthly subscriptions.
    • Send your personal IBAN details to your employer overseas and get paid directly to your Epayzz account.
  • Personal IBAN for EU transfers
  • Epayzz Business Account

    Get access to low-priced international transfers, SEPA and mass payments with our multi-currency account

    • Make instant payments to international suppliers, freelancers and affiliates
    • Refund customers automatically
    • Send salary to your employees overseas, using mutually convenient options
    • Control business expenses with Epayzz corporate payment cards
  • Epayzz Business Account
  • Epayzz Payment Card

    Choose one perfect card for all your needs! Debit or Virtual Epayzz Card for your secure purchases online and in-store.

    • Pay online or in-store, locally or abroad, everywhere Mastercard is accepted
    • Use contactless for a small purchases and forget about typing PINs every time.
    • Withdraw cash in ATMs for a flat fee
    • Convert money with better exchange rates
  • Epayzz Payment Card
  • Instant access to your money on mobile

    Track spendings and manage finances with Epayzz app.

    • check your balance and payment history
    • pay bills, mortgage or tuition abroad on-the-go
    • send money to a bank account, card or another Epayzz account
    • set up spending limits and control access to your card
  • Instant access to your money on mobile

Why us

  • Compliant and Regulated

    Compliant and Regulated

    MFSA authorized and Mastercard Principal Member

  • Personal and Financial Security

    Personal and Financial Security

    We do not reveal any of your personal information to third-parties. Our customer verification, location-based access and multiple authentication gates keep your money safe.

  • Instant and Affordable

    Instant and Affordable

    Our fees and exchange rates are always upfront to save your time and money.

  • Awesome Support

    Awesome Support

    We say NO to automated replies. Instead we have a great team of people ready to assist you at every step!